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About: Eventaur.com

Yes! It’s finally here. The ONLY events market place to plan your event, manage your spends and talk to the RIGHT Vendors

When planning an event we often have more questions than answers. How do I find the RIGHT Vendor (caterer/venue/etc.)? How much should I spend on a Vendor? Can I afford an event management company? Eventaur is designed and built with your problems and needs in mind. Get started by browsing our Vendor Directory to access an exhaustive list of vendors and event management companies OR with a first-of-its-kind 'Event Planner' [Coming Soon], to plan your event in just a few clicks.

For Vendors and Event Management Companies, Eventaur is your personalized business center, equipped with various tools that make your day-to-day operations easier. A completely customizable tool, the 'Event Planner' is designed to help you plan and budget your client's events. Now with a personalized 'Profile Page' in our 'Vendor Directory' you can maximize visibility and expand your market exponentially. Register now

Eventaur is aimed at collaborating technology with the industry to build an ecosystem where information, accessibility and connectivity form a strong foundation for growth and achieving higher levels of customer delight.

We are building a community that connects people. 


Stun-a-Reve Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A small step is fast becoming a movement. Founded in 2012, Stun-a-Reve Solutions Pvt. Ltd is envisioned to create and innovate solutions to redefine industry standards. We enable both consumers and industry suppliers to communicate, connect and collaborate. Eventaur is Stun-a-Reve’s first step towards building a game-changing / transformative solution for the events industry.

Anirudh Poddar

Co-founder and CEO

Always seen smiling, Ani [as we love to call him] is a Lover. He loves his food, he loves his music, he treasures relationships, and above all, he is passionate about making a change. After having organized sizeable events for family and friends, he found himself pondering over the irregularities in the events marketplace. Thus, Eventaur was born. Currently, Ani is single-handedly running the show.

Sunny Prasad


Sunny’s background in Engineering has helped an idea take shape and structure. His calm demeanor and outlook in life is inspiring. Interestingly, a lovely lady stole his heart and took him away from Eventaur’s base in Bangalore, before it could materialize. Currently living in Baltimore, US, Sunny helps Eventaur’s efforts remotely.